Attention Photographers & Filmmakers

Discover The Exact System Top Creators Use To Land PAID Travel, Hotels, & Experiences Around The World!

(Even with a small social media following)


If you’re on this page, I bet it’s for one of two reasons…

You're A Professional Creative That Wants To Live The Travel Lifestyle


You Want A Career You Are Passionate About But You're Starting From Scratch


Either Way...

You’re still struggling to create a game-plan that allows you to live the travel lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

But It Doesn't Have To Be Like That!


Getting PAID to travel to places like this!

(I know it sounds crazy, but all these images are from trips I was paid to go on!)

And You Can Do It Too!

Sounds Like a Dream Right?

And I Know What You're Thinking

Nash, that’s cool for you and all but…

Here's The Truth

And I’m gonna be BOLD here! Followers DON’T equal jobs No one (including me) started with a portfolio, BUT there are ways to BUILD YOURS QUICKLY. Once you know the framework, sending pitches that WOW is simple!


is a system

A Step-By-Step action plan that simplifies the whole process of landing travel deals into the only 4 steps that actually matter.


Determine your



Research your



Create Your



Position to


But what does that look like?


In This 4 Day Live Workshop, we’ll dive deep into…

The Step-By-Step Action Guide that took my travel content side hustle from hobby to 6 figures in 12 months.  Learn to implement the EXACT STRATEGIES Nash and other top travel creators use to allow you to land PAID travel around the world, live life on your terms, and create an income stream that will serve more people than you can imagine.

Here's What We'll Be Covering:

Day 1

Determine Your Value

Dive deep into the psychology of why a brand will hire AND PAY you as a creative. Not understanding my unique value kept me stuck in Free Collab land for far too long. Luckily theres a simple fix that makes all the difference.

Day 2

Research Your Clients

Learn my complete workflow when it comes to researching, finding, and contacting prospective clients. You’ll also see examples of scripts I’ve used for real jobs that catch the marketing directors eye.

Day 3

Package Your Irresistible Offer

Discover the sneaky techniques you can implement that make working with you a complete no brainer, the number one reason your pitches are getting ignored, and how you can build your portfolio fast even with no previous travel experience.

Day 4

Position Yourself To Win

The pitch is sent, the brand is stoked, now it’s time to negotiate and get what you’re worth (aka not how much time you spend on the project). Plus roadblocks to look out for in contracts and the scoop on licensing fees!

Plus there's More..

These 3 bonus's are Exclusive to P2C Founding Members!

Ready To Take Your Travel Content Career To The Next Level?

Live Workshop Enrollment Closes In:


Early Bird Founding Member Special

$ 500
  • 4 Days of LIVE Trainings + Q&A with Nash starting December 4th
  • Get feedback, accountability and support from your fellow Workshop participants.
  • Daily lives are streamed inside our private FB group
  • 3 Exclusive BONUS's for Paid 2 Create founding members only
  • PLUS a 30 Minute dedicated Q&A period after each session
Deal Expires 12/4

You Got Questions, We've GotAnswers

Absolutely! The core foundations of what we teach don't require you to have a social media following at all. We believe in creating long term sustainable business relationships through proven strategies that work regardless of your following size.

Paid 2 Create is a 4 day (plus a bonus day) Live mastermind experience that is designed specifically to help content creators land their first (or next) paid travel deal. Because it is live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions after each session live on the call and get answers immediately. No back and forth on emails, no generic responses. You can share your specific scenario and get real time feedback right there. 

Additionally, you will have access through our private FB group to other Paid 2 Create challenge participants where you can network, ask for feedback, and who knows, maybe even plan a project together!

We all start somewhere right? Luckily there are some quick ways to beef up your portfolio fast that we discuss in the mastermind!

Although there are many ways to get paid while you are traveling, The Paid 2 Create Mastermind is specifically geared towards poeple who want ot create content for brands/resorts/tourism boards etc. 

In order to get the best/fastest results, this course assumes you already have a good knowledge of photography and/or videography. This mastermind is not designed to teach photo/video fundamentals but rather teaches a system for turning your skills you already have into paying travel jobs.

Awesome! Thats great to hear you're already getting paid to create! This workshop is designed to take participants through the entire process of researching, pitching, negotiating, and wining paid travel deals. There is a ton of information, so if you are not consistently landing paid projects, chances are, you'll still walk away with massive value! 

Actually quite the opposite. We believe this course is extremely valuable and has potential to change lives just like it has mine. We are granting a steep discount for founding members in the hopes of getting some amazing transformative testimonials to use for future cohorts.

No you are the first to go through! That's why we are giving such a big discount.

#1 - It's our way of saying thank you for being a massive action taker, and...

#2 - We want to have amazing case studies and testimonials come out of this group to use for future cohorts. 

Yes! Although we highly recommend showing up to the live trainings as much as possible, we also understand that sometimes it's not feasible for your schedule. That's why all the live recorded trainings will be immediately accessible in the FB group for all to access. You will also have access to the days HW assignment and recap.

Imagine Getting Your First Paid Travel Client By The End Of This 4 Step Challenge!

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How To Land PAID Travel, Hotels, And Experiences Around The World!

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